NOW would be a good time…..

……. to have more products out! Summer approaching, and more importantly,our Summer Vacation is nearly here! Next week we’ll be loading the Jeep, and loading the bike on the trailer…. presuming I get it fixed one of these days!

But how to pay for it!? FS products are still not ready, let alone published. And to be honest, I don’t really feel compelled to do the same we did last year when we published Vancouver FSX in July, at a time when NOBODY was really interested in FS (anymore) and would rather lay on a beach somewhere!

With the good old Dollar having disappeared in swampy exchange waters and oil prices going through the proverbial roof, the ‘summer business’ too has dried up. So now what? Sulk and stay at home? Nah. We’ll transfer some more of our dwindling retirement funds to our current account and just go for it. We only live once and we can only spend every Euro once too….. so better do it while we still can and are able to enjoy it.

If you don’t see me blogging anymore…. then I’m either out riding on the last drops of Arabian crude, or sitting in the waiting room at the social security building somewhere.

Oh, wait, hang on !! I see I just earned $ 1.40 with my new Google Adsense presence here !! There’s still hope for web entrepreneurs like me !!

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