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Since I am still involved in (IT) management in some ways AND am running various projects with virtual teams, I am always on the look-out for better ways to get, or stay , organized. One of those ways is using timesheets, part of program management. Now, doing this in a regular fashion, i.e. where everybody is in the same office, or at least in the same organization with (usually) some sort of company network, is the classic way.
But what if your organization doesn’t really ‘exist? Like in my case with virtual project teams made up of all freelancers, and volunteers even? Or what if your staff is not always able to log in to the corporate network?

‘In’ comes web-based operation. Needless to say that I am biased, being a web-freak. But having traveled so much, and still doing so at times, away from ANY office or corporate building, I have truly come to appreciate what the world wide web has to offer us nowadays.

With the Timesheet Software from companies like Atlantic Global (AND their other software and services offered) you can keep control (or be controlled – yikes!) no matter where you are! I have been browsing their website and looking at their demos with much interest. It soon became clear that they have a wealth of information collected there, and a wealth of experience in that field. NOT only on the Timesheet and Expense area, but on the whole of project management, cost and budget control, and everything in between.

It also is clear that this product is not exactly for really small companies as my own…. BUT….. it may well be a real good contender for larger customers of our consultancy activities. If YOU are looking for an interesting company with an interesting product range AND you’re part of a large(r) organization, then this may well be of interest to you!

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