A better WP editor, finally

I lost two days, actually more I think but I lost track, trying to get the tinyMCE Advanced editor back to work on my blogs after upgrading WordPress to 2.5.1. Today I spent most of my Sunday wrestling through umpteen forum posts and websites, reading about people with the same problems I had…… and like me, they did not get a definitive answer or solution. Clear the cache, tinker with .php files, run this, download that….. every new angle looked hopeful, and they all led….. NOWHERE. Needless to say I was pretty miffed. Even more so when one guy in the forums got scolded for ‘spamming’ and he was the only one with a good solution, namely to get ANOTHER plug-in that DOES work ! (And yes, he WAS being a bit obnoxious posting the ‘competitor’ on the tinyMCE threads). So instead of replacing the (lite) tinyMCE editor of WordPress with tinyMCE Advanced, I have now replaced it with the good old FCKEditor that I could not get to work before. It works because of the WP Plug-in version that Dean Lee made. Thanks Dean ! You can find the download here (if you’re interested), and Dean’s blog is here.

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