So much going on !

I think this is one of the few times I haven’t posted anything in a week! Sorry! I have a lot going on, so that’s why. Here’s a list:

– Taking daily care of Mom and (especially now) Dad

– Updating customer’s websites – adding new pages to Smit-Winkel, and putting a new photo ride report onto Rijschool Schipper (see here).
– Working on the new company I am partnering in….. more on that soon!
– Starting talks with yet another PR job for a group of people in the US.
– Running the ‘new’ simFlight news… taking LOTS more time, really.
– Composing/writing a book for my mother, while she’s still with us
– Chasing various designers to come up with new FS products ! 😉
– Studying use and installation of my new Garmin Zumo 550
– Riding with ‘The Schippers’ and their ex-students, and doing the photo reports for them
– Figuring out how to service the BMW myself
– Learning new web design tools
– Writing articles for Computer Pilot
– Working on my Normandy Tour Book

Hey, am I busy or what !?? And on July 15th or there abouts we’ll be leaving for our beloved Mountain Retreat for a month….. bye bye Holland !

More details on some of the ‘projects’ mentioned above will follow soon. Stay tuned!

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