This blog is old…

…. and needs to be updated. I have long postponed it, because updating WP is not as easy as it is advertised. Or perhaps I am just getting clumsier by the day. Whatever. Anyway, I managed to update the EuropeRides ‘blog’ this afternoon, so I’ll now venture into another upgrade: this one.

If you never hear of me again after tonight, you’ll know why !

On another note, the past week has been one of the worst of my life. Only one other event has been so stressful – the death of our first baby. Now with Mom in hospital a lot of (bad) memories surfaced. We’ve been in and out the hospital all week, trying to support her, and Nina’s been ‘feeding’ Dad.

Here is the full report of the week. In the end, now Friday evening, Mom’s had surgery and came out ‘okay’ so far. But her condition will not further improve and nobody can tell how long it will last from here on. There’s nothing we can really do, and that is the hardest part of it all.

Okay, on to tinkering then….. wish me luck !

1 thought on “This blog is old…

  1. Francois & Nina, We read the report on your mother and our prayers are with her and with you. It is not easy going through the end of physical life with our loved ones, Geri with her father and I with both parents. This is our destiny as well. Make each day precious with them as long as possible, and rejoice when their suffering here is done.
    Warm regards,
    Don & Geri

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