The benefit of free software

….. as opposed to commercial stuff is that at least you havent’ paid for it if it all goes wrong !

I am trying to install a new version of PostNuke on one of my servers, following advice of some experts, and it has been one big frustrating effort for two days already so far! Support is sketchy, depending on who’s around and what skills they have. Documentation is aimed at geeks (okay, so I am exaggerating slightly). And guessing what’s causing all the problems is not within reach.

So yes, it is free, and commercial software doesn’t always run either, but how much time can one lose on this stuff !!??

2 thoughts on “The benefit of free software

  1. I gave postnuke a whirl and had the same problems. Give Joomla a try, easy to install, and I’m much happier with it. Word of warning though, content management systems are database heavy and add extra strain onto your server = slower page loads.

  2. Right, that’s it, out with Postnuke.. it hast cost me more than 7 lost days so far ! Grrrr…

    I have two Joomla sites, but found them too heavy for what I had in mind at the time. Perhaps I should revisit. Thanks Christian.

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