Ups and Downs of programming

Or rather ‘Oops’ and ‘Downs’…… and programming is a big word when I relate it to my fiddling with PC’s, which I happen to do most of my days, all day long. Yuck!

I was a REAL programmer for a brief glimpse in history, way back in 1978-1984. I was not good at it, so I became a system designer and a few other things. But I have tinkered with computers ever since 1976, so that makes me a 30+ years nerd, right?

An still everything goes invariably wrong! Damn ‘puters!
These past few days I have been wrestling getting a plug-in for WordPress to work, so ALL of my blogs (or blog-based sites) would collect StatCounter information. Turns out that the plug-in programmers have not counted on the ‘theme’ programmers. And OF COURSE the three themes I chose do NOT support the plug-ins, and don’t get the counter code embedded in the WordPress pages.
More Yuck!

Alright, so I have solved it, by manually adding the code to the ‘footer.php’ that EVERY theme uses. That works. But it didn’t work for MONTHS and has cost me 3 days to figure it out now.

Other recent ‘ooopses’….. Flight1’s system doesn’t support to ONLY send a key to a customer;
my FS PC’s fan is driving me totally banana’s;
the WordPress theme I use is NOT very good with stylesheets and does the weirdest things;
WordPress is NOT the ideal tool to make a ‘sales’ page with (yeah yeah, I KNEW that, but hey!);
I finally made a book and only NOW discover that the company STILL doesn’t allow non-US citizens to sell it! Grrrrrrr……..

Tennis tonight….. and another day tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs of programming

  1. Just bought a new PC fan for $20. Now I smack myself for not doing it earlier! The noise level has been at least halved.

    I haven’t tried this product, but it’s taylored to sales pages:


  2. :-)) That first story sounds familiar….

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