I really thought Iwas dying

barbie-headacheNot a very positive title is it? Thing is, it’s true.

Yesterday morning I woke up at 5:30 and started getting a headache fast. By 7 am I couldn’t get out of bed anymore and was just clinching my head. Took some paracetamol, even had a coffee later on and something to eat, but the pain wasn’t receding in the afternoon as it usually does. So I only stumbled down the stairs around 7 pm and had a few sandwiches. Lounged in front of the tv without really seeing or hearing much. Too sick even to start up my PC and read emails….. let alone type on Facebook.

By 10 pm I had a bath and we went to bed….. the pain was more bearable and should slowly die down now. The pain, not me!

Allas, by midnight the pain started flaring up again and becoming even worse than in the morning. If you never have headaches, like REAL headaches, you probably cannot imagine why someone would sit in bed on his knees, pushing his head in the pillow, while clinching it so hard that he’d have bruises on his skull the next day? I thought not.

Ultimately, not being able to lay still, or sit still, I stumbled downstairs again, looking for more painkillers. Then I found two boxes the doc had given me the last time in November. NEW pills, never tried them. So I took one, including the stomach protector that comes with it – can you imagine what shi-ty stuff this is? – and I went back up, hoping to now lay down and fall asleep.

Well, heck NO….. the pain got worse !!! So bad, actually, that I REALLY thought it must be the end. I didn’t know what to do anymore…. and after 50+ years of headaches that means it was REALLY really bad. Nina woke up because of all my rumbling and groaning and said she had some ‘ sleep tea’ somewhere. I went down, looking with one eye, and made me a strong cup of the stuff….. whatever it was.

I dropped down in the – now cold – bed again and grabbed Nina’s hand. It’s the last thing I wanted to feel before dying……

Now, almost 48 hours later, the pain is getting less and I am still typing to you….. hurraayy ! But I am also convinced that I won’t equal my dad and get to live 93 years or more. Not after last night.

The good news is that my ‘gout toe’ seems to be recovering now 😉

Wishing you all a healthy life, stay safe out there, and enjoy life while you still can!

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