A bad dream – fantasy or fiction?

A few nights ago I had this bad dream. No, I didn’t wake up all sweaty, but when I did wake up it felt as if I had seen it on tv, or read it somewhere. Everything that happened was as clear as crystal, not like in normal dreaming when I can hardly remember what woke me up !

So I am watching tv one night, the evening news, and they show angry mobs in Greece, Italy, Spain, France and even Germany and Holland. Some of those countries are piss-poor, but WE certainly are not….. yet. So what’s happening? The mobs sport banners against the politicians, and against store owners, companies, banks.. you name it. Anybody with money ?

In the next flash there are mobs rioting the streets of London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Rome…… luxury goods mostly are being carried away. We see this in 3rd world countries, Africa, Asia…. but not here!?

Then serious looking politicians (is that an oxymoron?) appear on national tv, asking for calm, warning rioters and unions, trying to ‘pamper’ the citizens. "No problems, we have everything under control, these are just hooligans". Does this sound like Russian State TV? Well, it wasn’t. It was ours !

I start getting worried. Trains and roads are blocked, traffic halted and the economy slowly grinds to a halt. We’re outside of the major metropolitan areas, and we’re okay still……. fuel tanks of the little Peugeot and the van are full. Fridge is still stocked and Dad’s fridge too.

But then the news flashes turn more severe. Shortages already start disrupting normal life in the big cities all over Europe. Transport is halted by the strikers and mobs alike. If people do manage to drive around the barricades and turmoil, they have to join long lines at gas stations. And the local supermarket has no fresh food anymore…..


By that time I woke up and wanted to talk to Nina, to discuss what we needed to do next. Fortunately, it WAS a dream only, so far.

But WHAT IF !? Suppose we DO run out of fuel…. OIL, for sure….. then what? It will stop us from driving around, it will hence stop transport of all the stuff we need on a daily basis. We are no farmers. We are no soldiers. We are no criminals. And we have no means of surviving without a supermarket or farmer friends (I know Justin will love this story, by the way !).


Imagine your home without heating. Imagine your home without fresh water. I could get it in the mountains from the snow, and burn some of the woods we have there. But not in Holland. Not in Amsterdam. Not in London! And I couldn’t get us to the mountains anymore. We KNOW we cannot drink the water from the canals….. 😉 Imagine not being able to flee this situation either. There’s no transport… and you’re probably even going to get mugged when venturing out. The police will be worrying about their families, not patrolling the streets !
Maybe the army gets deployed to try and maintain some security.

But we’ve been ‘saving’ so much on our armed forces that they will not be ‘forces’ much anymore either !!

I want to close 2011 with a more positive thought and forget about this dream, and the associated ‘worrying’. But as I said in a Facebook post, it reminded me of ‘On the beach’ by Nevil Shute. There’s been a nuclear war and a family in Australia sits on the beach, awaiting the end that can no longer be escaped. There’s no solution, no medicine, no way out, no hope. All is lost. They die. The last humans.

We don’t want to go back to being cavemen and -women. We simply cannot, we’d not survive for 5 minutes!


So maybe we should try just a little bit harder to tell stories like these to our fellow citizens. NOT to the politicians, law makers, treaty mongers, corporate brass and stock traders and analysts…… that’s a lost cause. They, their greed, and their greed installed into Joe and Jane Normal, are what caused this mess to begin with.


Maybe, just maybe, the above is what the people from Occupy are on about? I really don’t know. But we can NOT just carry on, pretend there’s nothing wrong with the world as we know it, and expecting it to take care of itself.

No, wait, the world WILL take care of itself…… but very likely without us being part of the solution.


I won’t leave you like Nevil Shute left me. In his story there was a definite, inescapable bad ending. In mine, there’s still a few hours left to come up with something sensible……….. although Canada backing out of Kyoto nibbled some more hours off that time !!!



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