Happiness and Total Misery can be so close

Just one of these things that happened to me so often already in the past 58 years. One day I am totally infinitely happy, hours later I am a total wreck literally wanting to die.

For months I’ve been looking forward to the meeting with some old friends and ex-colleagues from our former German offices, and taking the motorbike for the 500 km ride down to Frankfurt. We’ve had the longest dry spell in 35 years this Spring, some hot weather already early April, and now it is forecast to RAIN on that exact day. But THAT doesn’t bother me. And true enough, the day starts out as planned, I get up in time, leave only half an hour late and am soon on my way buzzing on my vibrating twin along the Dutch highways.

Little bit of rain at the border, fill the bike up with ‘cheap’ gas from Germany, call Nina that all is fine, and am on my way again. Even the rain in the Sauerland and the fast dropping temperatures are just making me HAPPY. I am riding the bike, GOING somewhere, have 4 layers of clothing and am NOT WET ! Grinning inside my helmet!

Not even almost running out of gas prematurely and losing half an hour correcting the Zumo helping me to find a gas station in Wetzlar can get me down. I start getting a headache because I am going to be late. But a quick phone call to Dieter, my host, resolves that. So on I go and arrive at the destination only 20 minutes late.

Later that afternoon we meet the old colleagues, have a good chat, quite a few laughs, a good German schnitzel and good drinks (I drink apple juice, afraid of inducing a headache through beer). The evening is very pleasant too, as usual, chatting with my friends and hosts Liz and Dieter. She asks about my migraines and I tell her it is fine currently. (I often get them when something ‘good’ is afoot, like this visit).

Shortly before midnight we turn in. I am planning to ride to Bitburg the next day to visit an Aviation Expo there, before heading home. And I am really looking forward to that too. The weather promises to be good, and Bitburg in the German Eifel region is a great place where I have many memories.

But shit happens, as they say.

I wake up at 4 am with a pounding headache, out of the blue. No reason, no mercy.
It gets worse and worse, and by the time I have showered and sat down for breakfast, cold sweat is running down my stirn and neck. I am very much ill and very much ashamed for my friends. You see, the worst thing about these headaches is the burden it puts on OTHER people. Now they are worrying for me, I am destroying the happy breakfast and not able to smile much at all……..

The rest of the day is a nightmare. It is bad enough driving a car for 500 or 600 km with a migraine, but at least you can hold your head with one hand. Not so on the bike. At some point I get so drowsy (probably form the paracetamol I keep taking) that I have to stop. I manage to fall asleep on top of the handlebars with the bike on the side stand. Weird!
I wake up because of gush of wind blowing tables and umbrellas from a nearby roadhouse all over the parking lot. Weather is deteriorating and suddenly getting cold.
I manage to call Nina and tell her I’ll be home sooner than anticipated, and why. I tell her not to worry, I’ll stop a lot.

I do indeed and it takes me almost 7 hours to reach the safe home and my bed…… the headaches get worse and continue through the night, almost until now.


The moral of this story is indeed, happiness and misery can be only hours apart. So we really need to enjoy the happy times the best and most often we can, because there will always bad times too, no matter what we do.

If you do not have headaches, then I am so happy for you ! I really am !

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