Spinning my Internet Wheels

You won’t see any changes to the blog yet…. that’s because my Internet connection has gone belly-up. Or the cable underneath the driveway, to be more precise. At least, that’s what the ISP’s techie says. Hmpf…. now what. They want to dig up the driveway, ‘fix’ the cable, and have me pay for it no doubt.

Meanwhile I had a full day of 50 Mbps connection after the guy left…. and the next day it dropped back to 1 Mbps…. now it is 5 Mbps at times, often less…. very irregular and VERY FRUSTRATING.

So IF I am on the Net already, I use the (slow) time to do my regular work.

The blog will have to wait 🙁

Today I took the bike out for a short ride to make some pictures of the blossoming tulip fields all around our region. Will post them later… IF I can get anything uploaded. Urghs !

The good news is, it is Summer here ! Just hope this isn’t the forbode of a huge asteroid or solar flare hitting us soon….. yeah I watched some very disturbing documentaries on History Channel. If they are right, we might get extinct any minute now, or lose all our electricity – and hence our infrastructure – and starve to death soon.

Remember me not to watch TV anymore.

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