Scams Galore

A while ago I ‘discovered’ It is an auction site for websites and their domain names. Flippa probably is legit, but the sites offered for purchase must be scams 9 out of 10. Why else would people offer 900/month income sites for $30 ???? Duh!

Talking about scams…. while looking with Camelia for possible jobs for her, she got an ‘ad’ sent by someone in Romania. It was of a Dutch company, mediating for Eastern EU personnel to find work in Holland, and looking for a HR Assistant with knowledge of Romanian.

After some digging on Google we found a number of forum threads in Romanian, but also in Polish, telling stories of women who reacted to exactly THAT ad…. only to find that the guy running the company is more interested in their boobs than their steno skills!
In other words….. prostitution, women’s trade or something associated. NOT koshjer and making me ashamed of having the same nationality as this jerk. Of course our justice doesn’t do anything about such creeps, they’re too busy sending out tickets for 5 km over the speed limit!

I sent word to two of the main actuality programs that report on such sort of thing…. but no reply there either. Oh well.

(If you’re worried about this company, drop me an email for their URL).

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