Running and Shooting is NOT Simming

Alright, maybe I should rename my blog’s title, since I talk about more than just flying and riding these days.

THIS post today is triggered by the new announcement of Call of Duty, Black Ops’s coming ‘add-on’ (First Strike). It emphasizes the reason why I do NOT like the multiplayer aspect of this, and similar games, although I am a huge fan of the CoD series, Band of Brothers and other such ever more realistic ‘shooters’.

You see (and watch the movie here) the ONLY way to play these games on-line is to run and jump like a madman shooting at everything that moves.
Now that is NOT realistic in ANY way, and what I as a simulator guy am looking for is REALISM.

In reality you would run short distances, covered by your team mates, take cover and fire from cover. Or shoot from a distance when you’re a sniper. But that’s it. What the current on-line gameplay shows is WW1-behavior as I call it. Get out of the trenches, run like an idiot into a hail of bullets and hope for the best. Ridiculous!

Maybe this appeals to the current generation of young players, maybe because they don’t know any better. Or maybe it is just because the game makers have no clue on how to improve this? If the former is true than changing it would probably mean losing all those pimple-faced, game-controller wielding XBoxers – and huge amounts of money.

If on the other hand the latter is true and someone WOULD find a way to make you ‘win’ the game in a realistic fashion, then maybe, just maybe THAT would boost the sales of a ‘next generation’ FPS to new heights!!

Wasn’t it CoD 1 that introduced the controlled squad play in single user mode? Now THAT was a huge attraction in my opinion and set the stage for subsequent games.
Those have gotten better and more realistic from a graphics point of view, but certainly NOT from a player’s point of view.

Well, that’s MY point of view, anyway. I, for one, am waiting for realism in more ways than just looks!

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