USA 2010 #5 – Mossies

Mossie was the nickname for the British WW2 Mosquito fighter bomber. Mosquitoes is what we’re having in abundance on Aruba. Exceptionally many, we’re told.
Caused by continuous tropical rain…… also exceptionally much. We’re told.

Swell, just our luck, eh? Haven’t seen much sun yet.

Laying in bed for an entire day with headaches (also continuous for the first 3 days) isn’t much fun either and I truly and deeply respect anybody with migraines living in anything but our cool northern European climate. Must be hell in the tropics !!

But, we’ve also seen more of the island by now, went to have lunch along the port, watching ‘American’ sea fishing boats bobbing in the water, waiting for nonexistent tourists. Hey, it’s wet enough on shore already!

I am lagging on my blog posts already (as I expected I would) and today is Vivian’s birthday. That’s what we came here for to begin with. That we’re trying to mediate in her business ‘affairs’ on the side wasn’t really planned.
Why can’t people just live together in harmony? I keep wondering, but then again, I’m naive too.
Hopefully things will work out as anticipated, in the end.

Meanwhile I am watching the planes slice through the low hanging rain clouds, on their search for Reina Beatrix Airport, or leaving for far-away destinations.

Hmmmm…. I took some pictures (already on Facebook) two days ago, and took more yesterday. At least I’ve been at the coast now too !!! (Rather a ‘must have’ being on a tropical island,,,,,, or so I’m told). You already know I don’t ‘have anything’ with water, really, so for me it would suffice just to watch it from a distance. * Sigh*.

I’ll be working on my ‘coastal pics’ in a few minutes… hours….. – nothing can be planned here, too hot – and post them on Smugmug and in future blog posts.

Tonight we’ll have a – hopefully cheerful – birthday dinner somewhere along the coast, and tomorrow yet another guest from Europe will arrive; Vivian’s friend Sophie from Finland, no, Sweden, hang on….. oh, whatever.

Oh, and we’ve been driving at night here……. that’s fun. Guessing where the road is in a Fiat Punto instead of a sturdy Jeep makes life so much more challenging.

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