Back home once again……

After an uneventful drive of yet another 1100 km’s, we’re back home again. Of course the PC would not start when I plugged it in, just like the previous times when I transported it. taking the motherboard battery out and putting it back in solved the problems. WEIRD!

The bike still sits on the trailer. Will take it down when the rain stops tomorrow. The Mercedes did well and we made good time (12 hours) even with the trailer, and good fuel economy too (9.2/100 km of relatively cheap diesel, versus 15.5 of expensive petrol we used to do with the Cherokee!).

Now trying to catch up with all the obligations with tax people, customers and present selection, then preparing for the trip to Aruba and the US. Really looking forward to all of that, even with the stress that international travel brings these days.

Enjoy the picture I took on the morning we left our mountains………

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