FS users jumping ship….. errrrm, plane?

From various sources news reaches me that flight simulation as a hobby is on the decline. Obviously Microsoft pulling out after 25 years did not help the hobby a bit. But probably also the increasing lack of patience and shorter attention spans of younger people and increasing number of distractions are debet to that.

But, is it true at all? Some of the shops are selling better than ever, and as soon as word came out that FSAddon Publishing is now independent of simMarket, offers to cooperate and sell our products poured in ! Or is THAT a sign of a worse market? Who knows.

What we DO see is that the main mags are still there, some new ones have come and faltered  (as usual), activity on many forums is less than before, but some others are still going strong, there are many new add-on products on the market – although many are also not very good or interesting – and at least MY contacts are for the most part still ‘in the business’.

Difficult to say if said ‘decline’ is fact or imagination. Nobody has ever had good figures on it, not even MS !

Just to be on the safe side, whilst I remain with flight simulation, I am also moving slowly to ‘real aviation’ where ever I can.

But maybe we are going back to the good old days when there was a much smaller, but more tight community of flightsimmers. That wouldn’t be all bad, now would it?

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