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FAQ on Fairchild package
« on: March 23, 2017, 11:28:06 AM »


Question:  I purchased the Fairchild 24 Series and installed it but it doesnt show up in my Flight Sim.  Why?
Answer:  The installer may have missed finding the Registry location of FSX or Prepar3D.  You might have it on a separate drive and it
might be hidden for some odd reason.  If this is the case, note the actual location, run the installer again, and this time, manually set the
location of the target install via the small Browse button.  Then click OK and let it continue, loading the package into the main FS folder.

Question:  If the Fairchild 24 Series goes into a next build series up, such as 2.0 or 3.0, do I need to purchase the package all over
Answer:  No.  You are entitled to all factory updates, being an owner of the package.  See your vendor for details and request the
update 'if' the update is a full 'complete installer' version update.  (Some mini-updates will be available, here only at Lionheart Creations. 
Vendors will not carry the mini-updates on a normal basis).

Question:  Will this plane work in FS2004?  Is this a FS2004 version model or pure FSX?
Answer:  No.  :(  This is a pure FSX / Prepar3D only model, featuring dual VC and exterior models in FSX SDK formats.  This will 'not'
work in FS2004, unfortunately.  I tried all that I could to make this work in FS2004.

Question:  Is this available in other locations other then Lionheart Creations Ltd?
Answer:  Yes.  We sell through the famous Euro outlet, which also feature a backup CD service for a small fee.

Question:  Will this work on a slow computer?  What are the requirements?
Answer:  The Fairchild 24 Series is a high resolution package.  Very many of the textures in this package are 2048 sized textures.  If
your computer is only running on 2 Gigs of RAM memory, then you might thing twice on obtaining the Fairchild package.  But, I should
add, if you have a graphics program that can resize DDS textures, then you are able to reduce textures  down to 1024 size to run more
smoother with slower computers that are RAM challenged. 

Question:  Will there be a paint kit for the Fairchild 24 Series?
Answer:  Yes.  Again, as soon as we can, we will have the paint kit uploaded.  This will be in Adobe Photoshop PSD layered format.

Question:  What is in this package?
Answer:  The Fairchild 24 Series features 2 versions of landing gear; Classic Fairings and Bush non-fairing, as well as Floats.  There
are also many variations of instrument panel color variations.

Question:  Does this feature its own Soundpack or does it use a stock Soundpack?
Answer: Yes.  This features an authentic, brilliant straight 6 soundpack for the Fairchild 24 Ranger, and an awesome radial soundpack
for the Warner version Fairchild.  You will not be disappointed by these well made sound packs.

Question:  I have a huge part sticking out of the top of my plane?  What is that?
Answer:  Sounds like your FSX simulator is missing its FSX SP1 and SP2 udpates.  You must not have the FSX SP1 Service Pack
installed.  Sometimes you must also install the SP2 as well.  If you have already installed the SP1 and its still not working, then reload it
from the website on the Downloads page.

Question:  My plane turns black after installation or on a long flight in FSX.  Why?
Answer:  Reboot your computer after first installing the package.  If you have been flying for a while and parts 'turn' black, then your Sim
memory is maxed out in resources from high settings.  Please lower your settings.  To test this, turn off your clouds and your AA setting
in Display.  When first installing your plane, you may need to reboot if you have Win7 OS64 and vista OS64. Rebooting allows it to see
the textures.  This is rare, but happens now and then.

Question:  My aircraft shows up, but my gauges arent showing.  Why?
Answer:  The installer at times will place the Gauges CAB file in the 'stock' location, C: drive.  The nearly never happens.  You can run
the installer to a TEMP folder on your desktop, using the browse button before file uploads begin.  After it finishes, look in your gauges
folder in there, locate the CAB files and drop those in the Gauges folder in FSX.

Question:  Will flying this plane for over 10 hours at a time cause bags under my eyes, double vision, and other such side effects?  Or
have you figured out gaming codes and other such enhancements that will enable me to fly this thing continuously around the clock?
Answer:  No....    It will still wear you out and cause double vision and blood shot eyes from extreme over-time flying.  We suggest you
take breaks.  Go outside, see the sun, listen to the birds, play in the rain, then get right back into your Pipers and fly some more.  :) 
(Thats how I do it).

Question:  My plane will not start from a cold and dark saved flight from 'another plane'?  Why?
Answer:  You 'must' use your own plane to save 'cold and dark flights'.  This is because the Pacers will not have all the 'off/on buttons
and levers' that other planes have.  You must get into a Fairchild 24 from a running state, go to your location choice, with weather and
time set, turn everything off, then 'save' at that point in your Fairchild.  This will insure you can restart it later.  ;)   (Remember this as
many people make this mistake and think their plane is faulty when in actuality it cant start because you are using another planes save
point with different switches and things which do not carry over to the next plane).