SU_Logo_ColorThe new kid on the modeling block was Google Sketchup, the wonderful graphical design engine now owned by Trimble. Having worked with quite a number of design tools, and being an amateur at all of them still, I like this one a lot.

It is simple, does a LOT of things and offers a means into design without going broke or needing 20 years to get anywhere near proficient with it. It does have its limitations and quirks of course, but some good tutorials can go a long way !

Sketchup 2013 and other associated tools are available here for download.

– Arno’s Tutorial. That’s a pdf download. You can also get a printed version from Lulu here.

– Larry Robins’ tutorial that he posted on

– ModelConvertorX by Arno, needed to get Sketchup models fit into FSX, can be found here.

– A wonderful blog with TUTORIALS is the Tiebiaoji blog from a guy who never answers an email or message. The info is great though!