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Why Fly - Aviation Lovers Web Placee
Why Fly is like no other aviation magazine or web site you’ve ever experienced.If you love aviation … really love it deep down inside in a way that makes your heart flutter when you hear an airplane pass by overhead … in a way you rarely express to other people … then we’re pretty sure you’re going to love Why Fly.Our mission at Why Fly is to seek out the best communicators of the flying experience from around the world, and bring their finest work to you.As a Why Fly member, you’ll have access to unique content you won’t find anywhere else: words, images, and sounds that capture and explore the emotional essence of why we fly.You’ll get to know many of the world’s most talented aviation writers, photographers, filmmakers, and artists. Some, you’ll recognize. Others, we’ve just discovered ourselves. They’ll remind you why you became so passionate about flying in the first place. They’ll entertain and enlighten you. They’ll make you smile. They’ll make you think.

Come join us! - the Simulator at the Dutch Aviodrome
Aviosim is a group of volunteers that are making a 'real' simulator available to the visitors of the Aviodrome Dutch Aviation Museum. I have become one of their volunteers and FSAddon is supporting them in this fashion to get more people closer to simulation and aviation.
FTX-PNW is the scenery published by Orbx covering the Pacific Northwest of the US, including the area where FSAddon's Vancouver+ is located. The new Vancouver+ FTX has been specifically designed to fit seamlessly onto the FTX landscape.
Plan-G - a wonderful freeware flightplanner
Plan-G is Tim Arnott's freeware flightplanner, based on connection to Google Maps. It is expanding in functionality and increasing in performance all the time and one of the very best planners on the market today. And it is still FREE!
Carlin Air, book now!
Carlin Air
If you ever find yourself in Ketchikan and you haven't visited the Misty Fjords yet, then be sure to drop by at Jeff Carlin's outfit and have him take you up in his DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver and show you around.Jeff is our favorite Alaskan floatplane pilot and an awesome guy. Read my flight report on his website !!
RoboForm: Learn more...
RoboForm our favorite tool to store all our website links AND passwords and take them on the road. You can install it on your PC, or buy the ' USB version, store it all on a USB stick and always have all your websites and passwords with you. Secure, encrypted, SAFE !Highly Recommended after many years of use !
Ultimate Terrain X - Alaska
From our friend and colleague Allen Kriesman is the Ultimate Terrain series of landscape enhancement programs for Flight Simulator. Ultimate Alaska X is the perfect companion to our own Alaskan sceneries, providing a replacement of the default MS coast lines, roads, rivers and mesh. Not as detailed as our Tongass Fjords of course, but ideal to enhance the terrain around it ! Highly recommended !
Garry J. Smith
Garry adapted our logo and modernized it. He also runs a number of websites with his graphics site as the main one. Check out his work on logo's repaints and other nice graphics!
Flight Sim Labs, Inc.
My good friends Lefteris and Margarita run FSLabs and their first aircraft product is Andy Wilson's Concorde for FSX. Lefteris was one of the key people at PMDG for many years and chose to go his own way. With a number of extremely talented people he'll quickly surpass was what thought 'the best' and will set new bars for others to follow.The Concorde is the first example of that. A superb SIMULATION of an epic aircraft and now available from their site!
Ford Tri-motor Project
Another project and website by Garry J. Smith. Check out his tri-motor project!
Milton Shupe
Milton Shupe and team are well-known within the various flightsim communities for many many years. His free aircraft models have brought joy to thousands and thousands of flightsimmers. Garry J. Smith now maintains Milton's website.
Space Shuttle Mission 2007
Space Shuttle Mission 2007 is a REAL simulation, and NOT an add-on to any existing flight simulator. It does a lot more than just shoot you into oblivion, errrrm..... orbit, with gorgeous graphics, too! You are supposed to 'manage' the Shuttle and all its systems, handle the cargo arm, do spacewalks, and get her safely back to earth again without turning all into a giant barbecue.This product is a major achievement and (after a learning curve) a real joy to 'play' !
Web Hosting
SiteGround Hosting
In case you do NOT want to have us host your website, you can go to SiteGround yourself and get your own account. Yes, it is a little more expensive, but that's up to you. We can recommend SiteGround, having some 20 websites running there and being very content with their services and performance. Click on the picture and subscribe !