At long last, there is some news from FSAddon and Simon Smeiman. Our friend Simon has had some personal issues to attend to over the past year, and that’s why the release of our Bristol Freighter is still waiting. We DO have the final Beta now, so we’re hoping to get it out soon. But in the meantime, Simon decided to release one of his other projects as FREEWARE….. just to keep you busy so to speak 🙂

Simon modeled two lesser-known aircraft, the Adam Aircraft 500 twin prop and its slightly larger brother the Adam Aircraft 700 with twin jet propulsion. You can download the package HERE, and install it in FSX, FSX Steam Edition or P3D. Mind you, due to our OWN personal issues, I haven’t been able to install them myself yet, but I’ll trust you’ll have fun with these.

Meanwhile we’re working again on the Bristol Freighter so we can get that into our shop before the Winter !!!

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