Monday, August 26, 2019

by John Lodwick
The Story of the Special Boat Service in WWII

I picked up this book and leafed through it. Just a few, not too clear pictures. And a few maps. Hmmm…
Then I started reading and to be honest, I only put it down when my wife threatened to burn dinner if I would not come and eat.
Yes, that’s how much I like this book!!

The Special Boat Service, the Long Range Desert Group, the Special Air Service, the SOE….. one thing all of these had in common was indeed that they were ‘special’, in so many ways.
In the men that served and the men that lead them, in their equipment, their methods, their targets and their way of fighting and surviving.

It is not only amazing to read the many different and often very daring operations these units were involved in. It is equally interesting to read about the ‘politics’ that went on behind the scenes in order to get the units set up, and above all supplied. They seemed to have no problem acquiring explosives and other weaponry.

Also totally intriguing to read is the incredible bluff the members came away with at times, just marching themselves through occupied towns behind enemy lines, talking their way past German and Italian sentries and working with the local population of their operational areas.
Unfortunately quite a few died or were made prisoner through betrayal by those same locals.

Obviously not all operations were a success and many of these brave men never returned. The book is as much a recognition of this extraordinary group of men as it is a breathtaking read about their adventurous operations!

Raiders from the Sea (Paperback)
By John Lodwick
The Story of the Special Boat Service in WWII

Greenhill Books
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781784383459
Published: 5th November 2018

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