Here’s the latest press release from the X-plane factory:

Laminar Research, creator of the X-Plane flight simulator franchise is proud to announce a major update of its flagship desktop simulation product, X-Plane 11.30

X-Plane 11.30 continues the evolution of the desktop version of X-Plane. Over the years it has always been the policy of Laminar Research to continually improve X-Plane, providing the most realistic flight simulation available, with flight modeling so accurate that it has been adopted by numerous commercial aviation organizations.  

X-Plane 11.30 continues this evolution by incorporating the newest technology available in computing and graphics processing, resulting in breathtaking visual and dynamic effects.

These are just some of the major features included in the update to X-Plane 11.30.

New ATC voice system.
Particles editor for aircraft.
Autopilot & aircraft systems updates includes: Propeller feathering, Anti- and de-ice systems, Oxygen system, Vacuum systems and many others.
Improved industrial zones in US autogen & reorganized library.
Flight model improvements
Experimental Flight model UI option
Shader system rebuilt as part of port to Vulkan.
Panel resolution increased to 4k.
Updated airspace to 2018 & Navigraph default data 1708.
Added sector altitudes in VFR map.
New UI for manually setting joystick curves per axis.
Situation files get you close to landmarks for quick sight seeing.
Custom joystick configuration files.
New and updated global airports: now a total of 8,247 full 3-D airports, including hundreds of new and improved airports in this release.

X-Plane 11.30 is now available to all X-Plane 11 users on both the Laminar and Steam sites through X-Plane 11 update feature.

About Laminar Research
Laminar Research is creator of the X-Plane franchise of flight simulators, including X-Plane 11, the latest desktop version.  X-Plane 11 is available in both a consumer and FAA certified professional version. Laminar also offers X-Plane versions for both the iPhone and iPad, as well as other mobile systems.
X-Plane’s flight model, scope, versatility, customizability, and 3rd party add-ons make it the ultimate flight simulation experience for Macintosh, Windows, Linux, IOS, and Android platforms. 

For more information on Laminar Research and X-Plane:

X-Plane – It’s what real pilots fly!

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