Probably because of Zuckerberg’s wheeling and dealing with his Facebook crap, we now all have to put tons of wasted time in updating our ‘policies’, to humor bloody Junckers and his EU lackeys. GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulations, the new European Union fad. THEY have 10.000 f****ng bureaucrats with nothing else to do but come up with this shit, Google, Amazon and Facebook have 10.000 lawyers to stall implementation, but we one-man website and blog owners have to do all the work ourselves.
So, I have updated the policies once again (remember the ‘cookies circus’?), and probably at some time will figure out what data should/could be deleted…. or not. As far as I know I only collect name and email from people IF THEY choose to enter it, and address data from customer to my webshop and Paypal payments. But all of that is collected on the respective databases of the service providers. NOT on my PC !
Anyway…. my take on all of this is; if you don’t like it, don’t go on the Internet and don’t visit any sites. Simple. If that doesn’t work and I get attacked, I just may delete all of my websites and other Internet presence one of these days and be done with it.
Life here in Umbria as a retiree isn’t worth the headaches Brussels imposes on us !

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