All FSAddon products were originally made for FSX (SP2), without any guarantee to work in other ‘spinn-off’ programs such as Dovertail Games’ FSX-SE or Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D. Sure enough, most will still work, with or without ‘conversion tools’. But with P3D Version 4 things seem to have changed. Unfortunately there isn’t much chance of ‘adapting’ FSAddon products to the new FSX derivatives, simply because the authors are no longer with us. For our famous Tongass Fjords FSX however, there is an option to install it in P3D V4 anyway, thanks to the Misty Moorings group…. a bunch of customers (and fellow FS users) that have always been very active and supportive of FSAddon’s products.

They now have published a ‘guide’ on how to adapt Tongass Fjords for P3D V3 and V4. It can be found on and downloaded from their website here !

Many thanks to the authors; Rod Jackson (stiletto2), Dexter Thomas (Dexthom) and Gavin Cole !!

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