This year hasn’t seen much activity on FSAddon, true. What with our arson case in February and subsequent 6 months of restoring the house, our selling of the house in The Netherlands and subsequent emigration to Italy…… all very stressful and time consuming. Then we had to shelve our DHC-3 Otter project because suddenly not one but three competitors magically appeared with one…. oh well.

And now, my dear fellow simmers, I turned 65 back in October and am trying to wind down some of my businesses and activities. And I can confirm now, being ‘retired’ is more work than it is worth ! FSAddon will continue, but it will no longer be part of Silver Cloud Publishing, which was my ‘holding company’, hosting my other activities such as web design and hosting, photography, management consultancy and such. Silver Cloud Publishing is no more.

I have embarked on a sim project of my OWN….. hopefully getting BACK into the hobby after all these years of only serving others, and have started building a home cockpit. Something I have wanted to do for the last 30 years, but never had time, space or money for. At least the first 2 are resolved now…. haha !

Also, I will have a Christmas or Holiday sale as usual, so stay tuned for some discounts on our current products. And…. there is a new aircraft coming from Simon Smeiman, but unfortunately it will not be ready for the holidays….. more on that as soon as I get my hands on a beta version !!

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