Nina is back home

…. and I am SO glad. Apparently I (and about agazillion husbands with me, I am sure…. come on, admit it!) am not made to live on my own. Too quiet, nobody to complain to, too much hassle of collecting all that dirty laundry and dishes… and then too much work to redistribute them all…. and above all, nobody to hug once in a while! No, definitely not my thing.

I am also exhausted, because there was nobody to yell to come to bed… or to sternly prod me to get out at 9:30 !! And guess what? You think you’d have MORE time to sink into working and get some stuff done that’s been lying around for ages, wouldn’t you?

Forget it… my backlog has only grown. Yeah, alright, I know, I like doing too many things. But you already knew that.

FenceBuilder is almost ready folks….. stay tuned !


  1. Very happy for you that Nina is back. I know how you feel.
    My wife is heading off to the US next week for 5 weeks. I know initially I will be very happy to give my ears a break, but that very soon thereafter my house will become a shambles, my diet will be lacking in essential nutrients and I will look forward to her return, not least of which for companionship and some hugs.

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