Blogging Time!

Darn! Been too busy once again!
Here’s a quick update of what we did: we got on the bike, and onto the ferry to England.

We visited our friends Didier and Liz in London and had a most wonderful 4 days visiting the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden, meeting up with BMW friends at Duxford’s aircraft museum, flying with Didier to Goodwood and attend the Revival, having a pizza dinner somewhere in London and much more.

Icing on the cake for me was when Didier took me along in his (part-owned) 1958 Nanchang trainer and showed me the joys of flying an old fighter trainer… upside down !!!! We did rolls, loopings, steep dives, lazy 8’s and what not! We scared a few English cows…. and maybe their owners and had a wonderful time. I even flew the thing myself for a few miles…. who needs Flight Simulator !!!??

Ummmm… unfortunately, I do, since I don’t have the money to do this regularly. I bet most of you are the same 😉

Now back into the grind of FSAddon and Webdesign… the Super Cub X Collection is nearly finished and will be out this month and so will FenceBuilder Pro be…. stay tuned !!!

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