… or Thank God It’s Friday … .

Not that it matters much for me, actually, all 7 days of the week are usually the same.. sitting at the PC 12-14 hours on end, multi-tasking (okay: chaotically working).

Good news… the jaw is getting better… still without painkillers since last night and bearable :-))) Eating will be ‘fluid’ for weeks to come, but at least there is progress!

Freight Dogs is almost ready, will post some screenshots and information on the Net soon.

Christmas stuff (shopping, preparing) is being pushed away of course… just no time. Nina will do what she can of course. She bought the christmas tree… I just hammered the cross underneath (I did at least THAT ! ).

Vancouver+ is selling great, so is FSCargo… now I’ll have to turn to some company admin stuff… will write more later.

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