Flying the Lizzie

Call it procrastinating, call it playing, call it whatever you like….. but I am having so much fun with this WORK of arranging out-of-the-way landing zones for the Lysander, that I have trouble getting work done. And still the ultralights to pack, Tongass Manual to finish, tons of work for MyTraffic, simMarket, simFlight and other FSAddon projects…. but hey… IT IS SO MUCH FUN!

Imagine a totally black plane….. you turn to ‘spot view’ in FSX and the only thing you see is a black shadow blocking out the (too many!) lights on the ground.
Try it from the cockpit.. the red light fro the instruments is not very helpful and ‘blinds’ you when peering out over the radial engine and down the sides.

There’s a river that look likes the one on the map… but hey.. there’s another one! And isthat a railroad tracj down there, or a amotorway. Was that thing there in 1942?????
Now how the blazes am I going to find those three pesky little lights again on the field I set out earlier today…. in glorious sunshine, clearly showing me all the landmarks ??? Is there an NDB on the ‘field’? Nope. Any other electronic indication on where it is? Nope.
So how are the customers/pilots ever going to find this place?????

That’s for me to figure out now….. I’ve been flying around here for months and have problems relocating the field, now how about a first time visitor????

I have SUCH a tough JOB !!!

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