If it quacks like a duck…….

Some people in our hobby seem to think they need to defend a bunch of lowlife running a software pirate site in Sweden (I reported on simFlight about the trial that started trying to get them in prison – again – ). Some for good, or rather sincere, reasons of political correctness, democracy rules, abiding laws, etc. It was pointed out that this is a civil case and not a criminal case. Fine.
Others seem to think that it is ‘okay’ for them to steal work from mostly one- man ‘companies’ and nobody gets hurt because of it.

Whatever righteous, twisted or sincere ideas people may have, to me these are thugs and I stick to it. (By the way, for those misguided souls out there arguing that the PB guys are running an innocent Kindergarten read the story here !)

When it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck……   !!!


On another note, I just heard this morning that one of the riders from a Dutch BMW forum had an accident last night. He’s okay, except for a ghastly cut in his forehead, but hisbike is totalled. Just goes to show once again how vulnerable we are on our bikes. If you go riding today… be careful !!


For my FS fans: I am having fun putting boats, docks and houses ‘in place’ in Sitka, Petersburg and Wrangell. Maybe the economic crisis is bad for the home building industry….. NOT so in our virtual world. I am learning, getting better at it and having fun ! Will need to post some pictures before I leave for France !

Also, Rob Young is almost finished with his first ‘go’ at the Lysander flight model….. more news soon I hope !

Now, back to work.. thanks for reading !

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