Freight Dogs !!!

Thursday already… My MSN ‘message’ says ‘December is too short…’. And it IS ! I could easily use 48 hours in a day, these days !

Anyway, Freight Dogs, the special title we are building for Aerosoft, is nearing completion. Delivery deadline is next week… so we have to hurry. Will test Beta 2 today 😉

Tomorrow is another hospital visit, and I am filled with anxiety. Jaw is hurting worse again and it seems to be infected. Dang !!! When I survive another day tomorrow, I’ll update the ‘physical news’.

For now…. back to Freight Dogs (oh, and thinking about a new PC for FS…. did some research last night… total thing would cost me nearly 3000 Euros…. ahem…. more thinking to do ! 😉 ).

Hope ya’ll have a good day!

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  1. Francois,
    Glad to hear your upbeat report on your jaw! Good news, but what a wait for that steak and potato!!!
    Ya need a beta man for Freight Dogs, I got some time on my hands…

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