IYP, Prostate, Logo design and other ‘stuff’

You can usually tell when I managed to get myself too busy again when blog posts get few and far between. Like now! But it is not all bad (except for the prostate infection which is not only painful in a physical way 😉 ) because being busy means work and work means income! Trying to make up a little bit for the past two meager years I now have so much ‘web work’ that I might have to call in for help if things continue! When it rains it pours, right !?

Pouring it has been for many days. Weather here is typical Autumn: bad. So no biking. Not that I would have time, mind you.

Here’s some NEWS for the Flightsim Fans out there: IYP (It’s Your Plane) will be available on CD next week !!!!!!!!!! We finally move to that. It will be shipped from my office, worldwide.

Some news for the motorbike fans: since I am making more money now with some other projects, I can probably charge just a little less on the Guided Motor Tours. And that might take a little bit of the sting out of the Euro vs. Dollar problem, and our European gas prices. Not much though, everything around here remains extremely expensive for our US friends now.

Last but not least… where the heck is the Lysander !?? I’ll have to mail Rob about it !

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