Bill Womack and Emma

Bill Womack is the author of Plum Island, of Bear Gulch, of Reading Field, of the Tongass Fjords airfields, towns and other objects, and of Freight Dogs…… and of some things I don’t even know about. Bill today released a ‘tutorial’ on how he made the runway in Plum Island…. and if you have any interest in FSX, either designing or flying with/for it, you should read it. If only to understand the sheer amount of time, patience, perseverance and work that goes into ‘anything FSX’.

Bill is now at work to build the new Emma Field for FSX.

And talking about Emma Field, I hereby attach a picture of a little lady. She is Mathijs Kok’s sweet daughter and it is HER name that was given to the imaginary bush airfield that became so famous over the years. Mathijs and Jaacky, who came up with the concept of Emma Field while working at LAGO at the time, started what we have continued over all these years and are about to invigorate once again under FSX !

Now you’ll excuse me. Obama is going to give a press briefing and being ‘press’ myself, I don’t want to miss it.

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