NOW can we get on with our lives then…. ?

What with the ‘election show’ behind us we can hopefully focus on our own lives again. As much as I understand the importance of who is president in the US, it still remains a ‘far from MY bed’ show in all reality. The guy – whoever pays his way into the White House – is not going to focus on our (European, or even national) interests, nor on The World’s interests.

Basically human beings are greedy and selfish, no matter what position, color, nationality, religion or location they have. There! ‘Our’ current global crisis just proved that thesis once again, and personally I don’t have a hope in hell it will change anytime soon. So call me pessimist.

On the other hand I have the honor to know SO MANY really nice, caring and level headed people – whom I call my friends –  that I think all is certainly not lost for humanity. And I prefer to focus on them, the things they need and care for, and just leave the media circus and politicians to run the world ‘their way’…. knowing we can never force them to do it ‘our way’…. anyway.

Alright, my ‘serious’ comment on all of this? I think the American people were courageous in electing Obama, and I sincerely hope it will prove a good choice for them AND for him. But we should not forget that he had the ‘winds in his sails’ because of the incredible mess the US finds itself in. That mess is largely created by the same people that are now victim of it, so it really remains a major question mark if anything CAN be changed in any reasonable time frame. Trusting that Obama will quickly pull them out of the quagmire they so enthusiastically ran into over these past 40 years is naive to say the least.

But PLEASE…….. do surprise me !

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  1. Indeed, Francois, my fellow countrymen ARE brave in electing Mr. Obama as president. More importanatly, his party gained the majority in our highest government positions, which we have not seen since the early 1970’s. The problems here in the USA will be cured (if they are…) by several in the government, not just the President. He is the tip of the spear head with others behind (or against?) him. He HAS to consider the rest of the worlds interests if America’s interests are to get better! It is a WORLD economy now, not just ours. You are right in a lot of ways we are our own worst enemy, and greed is the basis for that and the recession that the globe is in now.
    Hopefully the new administration takes the inititive and moves us UPWARDS again.


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