Magnificent Plum Island now released

For the very few readers here that didn’t know it yet, yes, Plum Island is now released and available here ! I am also working on making a CD version available. That sort of thing now becomes more feasible since we are doing our OWN installation programs for the products. That means I have more freedom in marketing them.

Bill and I sure hope that we’ll sell a good number of them this weekend. This really is an ‘experiment’, making small sceneries of extremely high quality for a small price. If it doesn’t pay off we’ll have to move on and do other things I’m afraid! And then even Emma Field is at risk!

Plum Island really is a gorgeous little place and has the look and feel of the old Georender packages that made Richard Goldstein famous. Richard inspired quite a few people, and Bill was one of them. I think he sure has mastered the craft and with the additional features of FSX has surpassed what Georender could do!

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