Christmas Cards and errands

Yup, Nina has been haunting me for days with all the ‘things that need doing’ — apart from ‘work’, that is — and so I’ll need to write some Christmas cards today.
I believe this custom clearly stemms from (and belongs to) an era when people actually had TIME for these sort of ‘social activities’, i.e. nothing better to do and no regular contacts. I for one ‘speak’ to my friends and other acquaintances on a daily basis (you ARE reading this, aren’t you??), so why would I then still send them a carton card as well?? They all KNOW I love them anyway !! 😉

Oh well… I’ll write…

The jaw is still bothering me, bandage is coming loose (yes, I had an operation 12 days ago… nasty stuff). And gues what, where the skies were grey and misery yesterday I see blue sky now ! I always pick the wrong days to ride, it seems.

Alrighty folks, work to do. Next products are waiting to get done; Freight Dogs, Sado Island, Salt Lake City….. and the CockpitCenter, all trying to get on the first place atop my -to-do-list 🙁

And I’ll have to tinker on the blog for a bit more… too 🙂


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