My first php ‘hack’

Yes, WOW, two blog posts in one day !? I am so excited! Check out the tabs atop this page and compare them with the order of the ‘Pages’ in the column on the right.
Notice anything?
Right, they are THE SAME !

But that was not the case after implementing this nice WordPress theme. The author had programmed the tabs to be on Page ID order and not on Page Order order….. if you follow me.
So today after having done my usual chores I set out on studying the various bits and pieces of php coding that make up the themes of WordPress blogs. And after much digging I found the variable name for ‘Page order’ AND I found where to substitute it in the original theme code.

Expect more customization from now on… I am back into tinkering – oops, I mean programming – and getting the hang of it in a very modest way 😉

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