Some FS news…..

The pre-ultimate Beta of Plum Island will go into action this weekend. After that we’ll test the installer and docs.

We also have a second Beta of the Lysander flying now…. screenshots are made and will be uploaded tomorrow for y’all to gawk at ! That’s the good news. The bad news is that it is pretty well done as far as the OUTSIDE is concerned. But we still need sounds, flight model, instruments and some ‘actions’.

I also had an e-mail from a frustrated customer, asking if he could have the Emma Field ‘landscape’ without Emma Field, and complaining we’re not working on it, let alone delivering it. That in turn triggered a very frustrated answer from both Bill and myself. We’re doing all we can, we only have two hands and one designer and we did not and WILL NOT give a release date.

The problem is twofold: resources and lack of money (so we need to do other work in between FS work….. SORRY !! ).

Now you’ll excuse me, I’ve got work to do, even though it is past 21:00 yet again (yes dear, I know I promised to only work 16×7 for a year or two… yes dear, I know this is the 4th year already….. coming dear……. … NOT !).

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