My Mom and the Piper Cub


Two things that have nothing to do with each other under normal circumstances. My mother has no clue whatsoever about flight simulation or what I am doing for a living. And FSAddon Publishing has nothing to do with my parents.

Except, that, well, we’re all only human. Mom is dying, currently, and that means that my dear wife Nina and I are fully engaged in trying to make her last days as comfortable as possible AND taking care of Dad who lost his mobility too. I vowed to not let all that influence our normal life, except that we had to rush back from our vacation, but obviously I am not very successful in it doing so.

That’s also why I lost my usual ‘cool’ and got ‘defensive’ in one of the forums when a customer wrongly assumed that the Piper Cub would run in the DX10 Preview mode of FSX, even though we have never claimed that it will.
Mybad, shit happens, and I am far from perfect and the first to admit it.

Fact still remains, in my humble opinion, that I am 100% correct. Oh okay, let me meet you half way, I am 99% correct 😉

I already mentioned two problems in my previous blog post. There’s another one: assumptions, or opinions.

In my (agreed not always humble) opinion the DX10 Preview Mode is a marketing gimmick, or perhaps even a well-meant ‘attempt’ at best, to cover up for a few mishaps that occurred in the process of releasing FSX.
The ‘mishaps’ were the delay of the release of Windows Vista, forcing the FS Team to develop FSX under Windows XP (!!), and the delay of the new DX10 software (and hardware), forcing FSX to be developed for DX9 !

Having been involved in all this from the very start, I must confess that I probably have a somewhat different view on these things than a (FSX) customer who buys the product NOW and bases his/her opinion on the MS Marketing Machine…. touting DX10 as one of the virtues.

To me, dear readers, esteemed colleagues and always welcome customers, DX10 is NOT part of the ‘regular’ FSX envelope and products that are made for FSX will NOT automatically ‘run’ using the Preview Mode. Nor will they have to. Some may, and their developers will probably advertise it, but it needs to be explicitly mentioned as far as I am concerned.

In future, it seems we need to include many lines of text explaining what a product will do, or will not do, how it is developed, using what, why, where etc. A major pain in the behind for both the publishers AND the users….. you’ll now have to wade through even more of my superfluous and extremely annoying marketing speak !
And guess what? We’ll still not cover each and every possibility, configuration, preference nor opinion!

Live and learn 😉

Meanwhile, the GOOD NEWS is that the Piper Cub is selling well and the majority of customers seem to be very happy with it.
To me that is VERY important, especially for Simon for whom this is his first foray into aircraft design AND commercial dealings!

Congrats Simon !!




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  1. For all the reasons you mentioned and more DX 10 came in to the picture with burdens and its penetration as it stands is nowhere near 100% , that said i have to consider the ever growing number of machines that are running Vista and having the option of using DX10 as the growth market and the percentage of non DX 10 users as ever decreasing.

    The other element at play is MS and its promotion of DX10\11 in its planning , somehow i can’t imagine by holiday 2010 that FsNext will support DX9 and models compiled with the 2004 SDK, the impression among consumers that FSX SDK productions run faster (and they do) leaves me to conclude that DX10 is beyond a gimmick by this point and compatible with sp2 has become the dirty word within the Forums at any rate.

    Those are only my impressions of the situation , i am not trying to argue or contest that the transition has left a bad taste and seen the loss of many of my ” Heroes ” , those developers who survived have greyed the hair they hadn’t torn out, those who didn’t continue were perhaps the wise ones.. they avoided the resulting market fragmentation and some particularly unseemly behaviour in the customer support and simulation forums..C.J

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