Family issues, vacation canceled

Yes, we are supposed to be on vacation, and riding the Alps. But we’re not……..

Instead we rushed back home because things turned south with Mom. She’s in a special room in the nursing home….. the ‘final room’ so to speak. She’s doing okay mentally, because of the morphine, but we don’t know for how long now. She will die between today and three months the doctors say. This all happened one day after we left… needless to say we would have stayed home had we known.

So now we’re back home to see Mom and to support Dad.

As you can imagine ‘work’ is one way of taking the mind off things… so I am working. On the other hand, the mind will not be ‘on it’ 110% as before, so please don’t expect miracles.

We left the trailer and bike in France and will have to go pick it up at some point, but no idea when that will be possible.

The good news is that now I have broadband at my disposal again….. so I can continue to post here, on forums, and do other work. It will help to get my mind off that brave little lady in that hospital bed at times.

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  1. Geri and I are sorry to hear your mom is not doing well. we hope her suffering is slight and pain free. We are proud you are being close to her and your father during this time of preparation for her passing to eternal life. There will be other times to vacaton. Your book for her is such a neat tribute in her name.

    Don & Geri

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