WeLoveLocal.com – interesting concept

Since part of my business is about ‘traveling’ I am always on the lookout for related websites. And doing so I often ‘trip’ over interesting places on the world wide web. WeLoveLocal.com is such a place. It is a website –limited to the UK for now – sporting reviews of ‘local businesses’ by local people, the Local Guides. So if you’re looking for a good Thai place to eat in say, Hull, then you just type ‘thai food’ in the search field, and ‘Hull’ in the ‘near’ field, and presto, you get more than 50 addresses with a nice little Google Map to show where they are.
But that’s not all, of course…. Next to each name and address you can find if there is a review done or not, and see how many stars (1-5) a place racks up.

So far so good. But what if you find a Thai restaurant with a review written by a guy who hates Thai food? And how would you know, anyway. Well, that’s one of the nice parts of the site. Not only does it help you FIND places and show reviews about them (or not, for that matter), it also provides you with a ‘profile’ of the reviewer, mainly showing what things he or she likes and loves, or hates! Which is what makes the entire site more useful!

WeLoveLocal.com is made by a group of young people, working at eMomentum, which in itself is an interesting Internet company with more than one iron in the fire.

Pity the site only caters for the UK (so far), since I think it has potential for other countries as well. The ‘local knowledge’ will be useful to visitors too, so you are not confined to only going to well-known (and boring) global chains for your shopping and dining!

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