Nina is back home……….

……yippeeeeeee !!! 🙂
Unfortunately, she is also ratther ‘under the weather’. Came home with a severe cold and is NOT feeling as well as she should have under the circumstances. Good thing is I learned to do the catering over the past 10 days… so can continue that ‘habit’ for a little longer now .

We are a ‘traveling bunch’…… my daughter has left this morning on a plane to Miami, FL ! For a 3 week family visit/vacation. Hopefully she’ll also learn a thing or two 😉

And I myself am thinking of getting in the car and drive to Germany, before Nina’s cold floors me too! Holger Sandmann is visiting his mother, and we agreed to try and meet up before he returns to Canada.

That’s the ‘private life’ for today.

After the ‘success’ (at least I got a bunch of reactions, which means people read it!) of my ‘Fear article’, I am now contemplating a blog post about ‘age and PC’s’….. stay tuned ! 😉


  1. Glad to hear that Nina made it back in one piece, and I hope her father’s condition is improved.

  2. Her father is still pretty much the same. He’ll be going to hospital for further treatment on Monday. Hopefully we’ll know a bit more later next week.

  3. Glad to hear your ‘one and only’ is safely back in your arms again, my friend. Hope her ‘cold’ gets better. let us know how her father is doing, OK?

    Oh oh, a written piece on ‘age and PC’s’? What’s with that? You forget how to ‘reformat and reinstall????’ LOL!!! Geeeezzz, here we go again!!!!! I long to get into building computers again, so guess I better canvas the neighborhood with my flyers!!!

    Yes, a lot of lies, half truths and whiners have submitted several comments on FSX in several areas on the internet. Somewhat entertaining, I guess….

    I’m not really sure if Florida is any place for anyones’s daughter to learn any real ‘life value’ lessons… Been there, done that….
    Hope you and Holger can get together and ‘knock back a few’ while he is ‘in country’…. Drive safe, my friend. Don’t drink and drive, you might hit a bump and spill some…

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