Some initial posts in our brand spanking new FSX Forum at simFlight made me remember something again….. You know what most people are AFRAID of? Dying? Getting sick? Being poor? Flying????


Fear of CHANGE is what most people suffer of…. most of the time unconsciously. I have encountered this many times in my professional career, having been project manager, and change manager even.
People are sheep with habits. They HATE change, hate doing things different than they are doing today….. out of fear for the unknown!

Okay, granted, there ARE people out there with not so much money, to whom it REALLY is a problem of spending those few extra dollars/Euros on a good video card or CPU. But they are a clear and overwhelming minority in the hordes of FS buyers. So, they are excused πŸ˜‰

The ‘fear factor’ becomes (once again!) painfully obvious when reading the first threads in our forum AND on others. ALL the (VERY premature) criticism on the upcoming version of Flight Simulator really boils down to that fear.
Sure, they use all sort of seemingly reasonable excuses; having to spend more money on hardware again, needing a new operating system again (i.e. cost), ‘already having’ wonderful textures, aircraft, landcapes, new effects, additional ATC….. NOT needing more eye candy, NOT wanting to see cars move, birds fly, ships bob in the water (as you WOULD expect in real life πŸ˜‰ ).

Sounds all very reasonable, right ?


Look at the past 20 years of Microsoft Flight Simulator development. Haven’t we heard all those same arguments with EACH AND EVERY new release?! And haven’t all those complaining people ALWAYS (or most of the time) bought the latest and the greatest ANYWAY !!!???

YES !!

So why all this racket!? We KNOW they are going to ‘fall’ for it. And that they are not true to themselves. They WANT all these goodies…. read back all the forums for the past 2 years ! They are full with ‘why can’twe have cars, why are the coast lines so straight, why is the mesh not better?’ type of cries. Especially after seeing third party developers CAN provide those things.
And then.. when they get it… all the complaining, crying and whining starts !!!

Aren’t human beings wonderful things !?? πŸ™‚
NOT, I would say πŸ˜‰

Anyway, having been here for so long, it is just amusing now. I used to get worked up over it. Not anymore. Because I have come to realize that all this whining, all the lack of courtesy, of appreciati0n for those developers (both in and outside of MS), all the angry and sometimes downright abusive posts, are all born out of FEAR !

Man’s worst enemy, really……

I, for one., really am looking forward to yet another step in the QUEST FOR REALITY in simulations !! πŸ˜‰


  1. I was one of those with the “fear of change” when FS2002 was superseded by FS9 – it took me over 12 months to get around to upgrading. I had so many addons to FS2002 I did not want to “lose” – of course it turned out that every one could be patched quite easily.

    Now that things are about to move on to the next version of FS, I have become more accustomed to tweaking, so it’s not change that’s the problem, but finances, so I now represent your other demographic group Francois (not to mention a tough nut to crack when it comes to opening the wallet these days πŸ˜‰ )

    Would you believe that while typing this comment, I have just taken a phone call offering me a job starting in a fortnight! I have been “between jobs” since moving to Scotland in September, hence the financial woes, so it is high time I got a regular job again. Maybe I can treat myself to V+ now!

  2. PS Does anyone make waterproof keyboards? I have just checked out the screenies of FSX and can’t stop dribbling. πŸ˜‰

  3. Well said Francois. The one fear I really don’t understand is about your addons not working in the new sim. Who says you have to uninstall FS2004?

    I’m really looking forward to FSX.

  4. I guess I am in the same boat as andysedgley is as far as finances are concerned….and also ‘between’ jobs (I have yet another interview this afternoon!).
    I AM NOT afraid, however, of FS change. It is inevitable and I embrace the changes. We have all had to upgrade hardware when more complex software that we WANT is available. That is just the way the growth pattern is. Live with it and make way for it.
    Congrats on the new job, Andy!

  5. François,

    I have been having quite the good chuckle since last week with all the FSX drama.

    Honestly, I find it quite amusing all the fuss about a release that is, lest we forget, one year away!

    So last night, I adopted a rule: i won’t read anything related to FSX unless it’s from MS team, or once the beta testers will be able to comment (if that happens). All the rest is basically pure speculation, and I rather be enjoying flying in my newly reinstalled and “lean and mean” FS9.1

    Actually, I am slowly coming to realise that forum reading is poisining my mind. All the posts on FSX are just the proof of that. MS team as basically said nothing crucial in the Q & A, but those screenies look awesome I must say.

    I am looking forward to cranking it up “another notch” once FSX is out. And will upgrade my system for sure if I need to. Flight simming is my hobby, and that’s where my “entertainment” money is going.

    Some of the material currently posted on the forums about FSX is borderline insane in my opinion. Maybe folks should concentrate on VIRTUAL FLYING… If they do, they will realise any upgrade to FS will be an improvement in the reality of it (at least the virtual reality).

    Cheers my friend.

  6. Hi all,
    thanks for your comments ! I enjoyed reading them all.

    Andy and Don: GOOD LUCK on those job interviews, I hope you find new employment. It DOES make life a bit more comfortable. Might have to start looking myself again in a year or so….. if things don’t improve very drastically.

    On the other hand… I will have trouble adapting to ‘slave labor’ again after having been my own boss. I think that can’t be beaten really….. πŸ˜‰

  7. I’m sure I will buy FS-X immediately it is released. FS is now the only entertainment title installed on my computer. I have 3 seperate installs of FS-9 and one of those will be replaced with FS-X. The others will stay until that day when I realize I haven’t started them up in months :)Of course this is from the guy who ran FS4 through all of the versions of FS5 and then kept FS98 until FS2002 was released. I suspect my FSGW3 install will hang around for a long time alongside FS-X. No fear here but I won’t get excited until late September πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Tom, welcome to my humble rambling place πŸ˜‰
    I know, ‘us’ hardcore simmers will not have a problem with changing ti the evitable next version…. it is just the way it has always been. πŸ™‚ And getting better all the time as far as I am concerned !

    Which reminds me, I have to answer Bill’s note πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks for the congrats Don, I have had a few interviews in the last weeks and it’s tough to keep coming back after you get blown out – but it has come around for me and fingers crossed for you too! As far as your finances go, Francois, I am always doing my best to offload as many Euros/Pounds as I can in your direction πŸ˜‰

  10. Hi Francois,

    Now that is the most sense I have seen anyone write since the FSX frenzy started. I am one of those who albeit strange is willing to embrace the change, and not post judgemental statements about the ACES team. What somewhat irked me is some tend to jump the gun and say, “is this all MS has been doing, it’s crap, what happened this, this and the feature we wanted. I won’t buy it.” When all we have to go off of is a few screenshots, of a product just announced. Hehe…there I go off on a tangent. In any case I agree with you, in the end when we buy it, we will be happy, well most of us will be…..kinda!

  11. Haha !! Wasn’t meant that way Andy (but you know that, I’m sure). I really hope things work out for you and Don !!!!

  12. Hi Jason, and welcome to my little hide-away. I am happy you took time to read my ramblings here AND to sign in and comment. You’ll find that my blog is mortly NOT about flightsimming (since I write so much on the subject in so many other places already), but FSX is a topic I could not pass by without writing ‘something’ of course πŸ˜‰

    Kind regards,

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