First message in a new year

I intended to write this on New Years Day…… now it is Jan 4 already… how time flies. Am I so terribly inefficient in doing what I do, or is the world turning ever faster!?? Judging from having to add seconds every so many years would indicate the latter !!

Today I took the bike out … finally…. see my story here. It was cold, I have a sore throat now, but I am glad I did it.

The new PC is giving me headaches. They formatted the first 300 Gig disk in a small(ish) 30Gb C-drive, and the rest in 50 Gb increments. I don’t WANT that ! Lost my ‘Partition Magic’ of course and have been finnicking with the thing all day. Grrrrr…. waste of time, and still need to get started on the tax stuff.

Bought a new mouse for Dad, and gave him an old 17 monitor (the thing was HUGE and taking up space in our bedroom anyway ! I’ll make some pictures of my office soon… it looks so…… empty !! (Now that Í have the new cupboards with sliding doors fixed…. all is cleaned up! :-))


  1. At last I am able to login and leave a comment! (My fault/problem after all :-S )

    I know time is flying Francois but it’s still only 3rd January, I know you are keen to see Nina back safely but don’t wish the New Year away. 😉

    Now if I can work out how to log in to silvercloud publishing I’m off to read your bike story.


  2. Francois,
    It is 11:56AM January 3rd here in Wisconsin in the USA, so I think it is STILL January 3rd there in the Netherlands…. Don’t give these days away so freely!!!
    I’m telling ya, there needs to be much more support for the aged and the infirm!!!
    Talk about cleaning up. I threw away two motherboards and 150 floppy discs and an old 150 watt power supply.

  3. Yay !!!! Andy is IN !!! Welcome to my humble ‘rambling dwellings’ 🙂

    Oooops… i AM giving it away aren’t I? Now you see what happens without a woman around the house…. total chaos !!!! :-))

  4. Nice to read of your bike ride and your partition foibles.

    I’ve had few of them, but new computers always caused me some adaptation.

    Personally and for very good reason, I dearly love my various partitions but most are sized according to anticipated content and not just in “X” Gig increments.

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