Is it COLD or what ??

I am freezing! Not only did the weather deteriorate, I am also following Nina’s orders on keeping the heating (and our spenditure) down….. but BOY is it COLD in the home. Or is it not having Nina around !!??

Went out to buy food, went to the post office, and some other erands. And returned safely home, dodging all the firecrackers that are being thrown at passers-by. Used to love the things… but apparently you have to be a kid to do so.

Oh.. the shit hit the fan with MS sending us their latest ‘press release’ via Edelman Corp. Saying they will issue a full press release in a week or so… and being secretive about available screenshots that we could get but would not be allowed to show until after a week…
….. the whole Avsim ‘in-crowd’ fell over me of course….. poor misleaded people they are.

So, having ran out of cheeks to turn over the past 3 years…. I decided to write a short editorial. I have contemplated such articles before, and always scrapped them after writing them. This time I put it up… and rightly so.
If there is ONE thing in this world I can not stand, it is my integrity being questioned. You may accuse me of anything else…… I don’t care. 😉

It also bleedin’ obvious that MS is doing it wrong once again…. first of all I would NEVER let an outside company run somthing that is SO SENSITIVE and SPECIALIZED like flightsim news….. Secondly, if I WOULD let them handle it, I would make damned sure that ALL news agencies would get the same deal!
AS WAS PROMISED a few months ago to the development industry, we would be kept in the much tighter loop….. apparently, MS forgot already or has another big disconnect internally !! I am sad…….

I am also sad that one of my internet friends can not log in to my blog. Mike.. if you read this.. do you have ANY idea what could cause that? He registers, I can see him, but he can not log in…. keeps neing returned to the log-in screen.

Perhaps it is time the New Year kicks in and we can all start anew…..


  1. I understand about being ‘cold’ in your own home! Since our income is a bit limited I keep our thermostat down low and wear more clothes, including my insulated underware.
    How abput a link to your article? I know all about these ‘guessers’ about flight sim issues…

  2. There’s an interesting thread on simFlight.. where I have made some more comments in response to now 3 or 4 Avsim threads.

    Avsim (through their forum visitors and moderators) first plaid down the news, then denied it, and in the end posted the same things I already said a day earlier. Some of their lackeys now claim Victory saying that Avsim brought them the ‘correct’ news after verifying it.

    I sometimes cannot believe the wagonloads of horse manure these people are willing to accept over there !!!

    Anyway, I just ran out of cheeks for once and hit back with facts…. No apologies of course…. but then again, I don’t think that word exists in their limited vocabularies.

    My article is on the news page of simflight (just go to

    And yup, I wear sweaters too !!! 🙂 😉

  3. Thanks, Francois.
    Talk again after the weekend.
    STAY WARM AND FED!!!!!!!!

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