She made it !!

Nina was ‘home’ at 4 am this morning…… after a gruelling trip that started 7 am the day before. All the trouble was caused by heavy snow in large parts of middle Europe, bringing traffic to a halt in quite a few countries.

Anyway, she’s with her family now, we both managed to get a few hours of sleep.. so we’ll both turn in early tonight….. 2000 kilometers apart…. 😉

I hope I can sleep, because this night I discovered (throught the noise they made all the time) that we have mice (I hope it’s nothing bigger) on the attic or in the roof…..

I also got a call from the hardware dealer that my new system is ready and will be shipped today… should arrive tomorrow or early next week… yippeeee !! Better get to work quickly on my 2004 tax returns (read: payments!) now….. then on to the 2005 book keeping. Want to start the New year with a clean slate and not having all these obligations still hanging over my head !

Is that a New Year’s Resolution!? Alright, so be it. I am not going to make others…. just hoping some sort of business will pick up, our family, friends and ourselves will enjoy good health above anything else…. and that we’ll survive a year without a regular job 🙂

Enjoy your day, folks !!


  1. Very happy to learn Nina is safe having made it through the weather. Excellent.

    The noise in the attic is quite possibly squirrels. If so, they play havoc with that new flexible ducting material. Whatever it is up there skittering around, I hope you discover it quickly.

    How wonderful your new computer has been shipped! I’ve now come to grips with my new photo printer and wireless mouse and will soon settle back into my routine following Jennifer’s departure—now rescheduled to Sunday at 1700 so she can take care of some Navy business in Jacksonville.

  2. I am also glad to hear Nina made it to her homeland….finally! I DO hope she is able to comfort her father in this time of poor health. We, that can and do communicate in whatever medium we can with each other around the world and have the best of health (considering…)are the luck ones.

    Geri and I will be getting away through the New Years holiday into the deep North woods, next to a lake to rest, cuddle, eat and do some snowshoe sight seeing. Maybe we will be lucky to see some bald eagles, elk and deer in the area.

    Good to hear your new system is on the way! I spent the last few days cleaning out old computers and spare parts that are obsolete. Down from 9 computers to 6 (including one old Macintosh).

    Stay busy, my friend, Nina will be home soon. (Close the curtains on time????).

    HAPPY NEW YEAR. Bro!!!

  3. Thanks guys !! You know what, I’ll go to bed early for a change 🙂

    Oh, I was at the hospital again and now got confirmation that the ‘stuff’ they took out of my jaw was not ‘malicious’, so I need not worry about that. A relief !

    Speak soon !

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