Visiting Model Expo in Verona

I had read about this model fair months before and planned on visiting, if only to understand the size of the scale model market in Italy. Since scale modeling is not exactly Nina’s hobby, I figured to stay an extra day so we could also see Verona. That was a good decision. Verona is a very nice town and more than worth a visit or two. Due to some physical problems we could only head for town around 11 am, so we spent some 4 hours walking the historic town center. We’ll go back there for a more in-depth visit for sure!
And for next year’s expo I am sure 😉

Meanwhile the trade fair on Saturday (and Sunday) was great. Parking was – like everything in Italy – a bit chaotic, but we managed, and the fair was held in 5 large halls. We didn’t visit everything. After all my main interest now is limited to military (WW2) scale models. But the model cars, model boats and ships, the clubs war gaming exhibitions and the RC models were nice too. And Hall 4 housed my ‘old’ hobby, model trains. Very much worth a visit too !

With my ‘new’ Nikon still out of service I had to make do with my Samsung and my old Nikon D70, but alright…. got some good snaps. I’ve added them to this post in no particular order. Enjoy !

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