Home alone…….

I took Nina to the airport this morning….. we arrived too early, of course. She was all nerves, having been busy packing (and unpacking and packing again) her suitcase. Nina does not travel ‘light’ . And she does not like traveling alone.
So when she disappeared inside the main terminal this morning, I felt sad. For her…. for being nervous, for having to travel alone….. and for myself as well. No fun being separated in these rather difficult times.

She just called…… the plane fro Amsterdam was delayed and arrived too late in Vienna. So she missed her connection and is now sitting alone at Schwechat Airport, waiting to get a LATE plane, arriving around midnight in Romania. She called her brother, who had taken one of his scarce days off to pick her up, and told him to go home again (a 4 hours drive). Our nephew will wait for her at the airport, she will then sleep in their little students apartment, and get on a train to Deva tomorrow.

As if I felt something this morning….. normally we are not sad when splitting up for a bit. Darn !! 🙁 Now I feel even worse that I didn’t accompany her.

Meanwhile it is freezing cold in my little home office, the house is dead quiet, and although the sun is shining, it is freezing cold outside with an strong eastern wind blowing cold air over from Russia.

You know what?
I wish it was January 6th already.


  1. I am with you François! Also home alone for a few days since last night. I had to come back to work, while wife and two daughters stayed at the in-laws.

    Never saw my house as quiet as last night…

    I was sitting in front of my PC, setting a “certain” flight I mentionned elsewhere, always expecting the usual “call from upstairs”!

  2. Yeah… don’t you hate it when she ‘always’ has honey-do’s at the wrong moments…… and don’t you hate it even more when she’s actually NOT around !? 🙂

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