Retirement is here

Yup, you read that right…….. I turned 65, so I retired.
Well….. or so I believe. But I seem to be the only one. Mind you, I’d LOVE to now ONLY do all the things I love doing….. but it turns out that it is not possible. For various reasons.

  1. I love way too many things.
  2. I don’t make enough money for it, even though I am now supposed to make MORE than I did while running my own company (!!)
  3. We started a new life here in Italy, and there’s TONS of things to do.
  4. Nina retired too….. and is claiming most of me *cough*
  5. I admit it….. I really love ‘working’.

So there you have it…… lets call me ‘semi-retired’, as I have seen many of my US friends do. That way I can still make a few Euros or Dollars, while enjoying myself, Nina, Italy and all of you ! Not in that particular order….

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