Christmas Day

Time to reflect……. for some of us. But no rest for the wary …. 😉

Today I WILL have some time off though. My parents are coming around for dinner that Nina will again so skillfully cook… and our daughter with boyfriend will be around today and tomorrow too. So yes, some ‘old-fashioned’ Christmas celebrations are in order.

But work cannot stop either. Testing our latest SaltLake City update from Rémy, and will have to get cracking on Sado Island now too. Work at simFlight never stops…. including the sometimes unpleasant tasks, like mediating between people getting into unpleasantries in the forums. Doesn’t happen often fortunately… I can do without it, thank you!

Nina will leave for Romania next week, since her father is getting worse again 🙁 I just cannot afford to go along, for now, and will have to save my $$’s for when it is really needed (and too late, most likely). This the ONE thing I regret from not having an executive job anymore…. we can no longer travel with ease (i.e. without worrying about money) when it is justified and/or needed, only in cases of emergency.

Other than that, weather is fine, ‘sleighbells are ringing from the radio’, the turkey got away and the christmas cake tastes dandy !

Wishing you a few nice and peaceful days too!


  1. So sorry to hear Nina’s father is taking another turn for the worst, and that you cannot go with her to be her support there at critical time for him…
    Geri and I wish you a pleasant holiday, and by this time it is almost over out there for you folks.
    We wish Nina a safe journey.
    We have had a great Christmas here in Wisconsin, USA. Mild weather, lots of presents under the tree, the food is WAY too good and just too many cookies and cakes to go around!

  2. Thanks Don and Geri.
    On a more positive side, we had a nice Christmas Day and Eve with my own parents (both 86) and daughter and friend joining us….. Dad still drives a car (although perhaps not so good for the neighborhood now 😉 ). It is always sad to see that one has luck and the other doesn’t, and one can only hope that loved ones fall in the ‘lucky’ group.

    I need to get on the bike again one of these days….. to ride it off… and charge the battery !! 😉

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